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Eye Care Services in Cedarburg, WI

At Ozaukee EyeCare Clinic, Dr. Walters works with each patient on a very personal, individual basis, providing the best level of vision care. He offers a variety of services, assisting patients reach their best vision performance and ocular health. He and his staff feel there is nothing more satisfying than seeing their patients leave the office satisfied, with quality products, clear vision, and healthy eyes.

Eye Exam in Cedarburg, WI │ Ozaukee EyeCare Dr. Gary B. Walters


Dr. Walters provides comprehensive, medically-based eye examinations for patients of all ages, including infants, children, teens, and adults. During every visit, Dr. Walters will evaluate your vision and prescription. His examination includes external eye and eyelid assessment with a biomicroscope. All eyes are checked for cataracts and glaucoma. Most importantly, all eyes are dilated and thoroughly examined internally with several instruments in effort to detect and diagnose any of hundreds of retinal disorders and diseases, ranging from diabetes to macular degeneration.


As Dr. Walters detects a disease or condition, he'll communicate those concerns to the patient, and set up a therapy program to treat the condition; those being from glaucoma, dry eyes, allergy/itchy eyes, 'pink eye,' foreign body removal, etc. As a private practitioner over the many years, he's been trained and experienced to recognize and treat just about all eye conditions.

As one of only a few low vision specialists in Wisconsin, Dr. Walters will, when necessary, co-manage with various other eye specialists. When more involved vision loss is attributed to serious eye conditions, such as macular degeneration or glaucoma, he'll work with and communicate information to the specialist and make all efforts to restore and utilize sight to the best possible result.

Also working with specialists, Dr. W coordinates and provides all medical follow-up care for all his LASIK and cataract patients. By staying closely involved with his patient' surgeries, he helps them feel more secure and informed of their surgical results and successes.

Optometry in Cedarburg, WI │ Ozaukee EyeCare Dr. Gary B. Walters

Eyeglasses and Contacts

In our modern yet comfortable frameroom, patients find their perfect frames to fit their style, personality, and budget. With her 'youthful' eye for fashion, optician Kaileigh, works to “style” a frame to best match a facial shape, color, fashion, and correction. Dr. Walters stays involved by making necessary measurements to ensure prescription accuracy and to meet his specific standards of all eyeglasses fabricated in his office. Our wish is to create a fashion item for you that also meets all of your vision needs.

Dr. Walters' years of experience allows him to fit every variety of contact lens: older hard and gas permeable rigid lenses to the more current soft lenses – monthlies or dailies. He provides lenses for every need: athletes, outdoorsmen, social wearers, young and old. If lenses are on the market, Dr. W is familiar with them and can provide them to patients.

Call us today at (262) 377-9686 for more information about any of our services or for questions you might have about your eyes or eye health. Dr. Walters and our friendly staff look forward to hearing from you!

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